5 Hot New Trends in Web Design

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The World Wide Web is in a constant state of transformation and innovation. Every day billions of people turn to the Internet in search of new information, news, deals and products. Keeping your web presence up-to-date and aesthetically attractive ensures that new visitors to your website will stay longer and want to learn more about your brand. If it’s time for a refresh or a full reboot for your website, then here are five hot new trends in web design to get you started: Read More

Is it time to leave Facebook?

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Hey guys! So last week was crazy here at the Quoviz office! We were really busy coming up with some great articles and social media campaigns, launching websites for our clients and meeting some enthusiastic new customers! It was epic! AND we know that this week is going to be even more exciting as we have some great new projects coming on stream and some awesome marketing ideas for our special clients!

Now that we’ve started off the day right, let’s jump into the juiciness! So! We know that over the past few months there has been a significant amount of controversy on Facebook and its constant changes/ edits/ algorithm extravaganza. Individuals have been losing their minds in an attempt to find alternative forms of “free” communication to attract their customers, and keep the connection alive and present. But, many have realized that though their efforts have not been futile, they still desire a presence on this social media platform- Facebook. But why? Well…let’s explore. As a business owner, sales specialist or entrepreneur they know the benefit that Facebook has brought to thousands of people all over the world, and more so they know that even with all the negative commentary, people NEED to maintain their position on this social media powerhouse, especially if most of their target audience exists there! Don’t they?

Just think…It’s actually impossible for people to ignore Facebook and the influence that it has and continues to have on the way we communicate with others today. Signing on as a member has not only become a slight possibility for small business owners for example, but a definite necessity for all ONCE your goal is to be a success! Sad but true for all those who may not be sooo technologically savvy, or so ecstatic about Facebook and its strong influence, but needless to say…Facebook is important!

Facebook has transformed the way in which we communicate on the Internet, the manner in which we approach Marketing (for my fellow marketers), and most definitely affected our privacy. With just a few clicks, we are now able to learn a considerable amount about an individual without having even met them, and can deduce from this information if we are willing to interact with them at all. Ouch! So you better make a good impression first before selling any product to your customers!

It’s challenging to accept this point for many, (including myself), but putting out a nice, positive image 24/7  is integral to establishing your brand’s presence and perspective from the public.

Here are some quick tips to help you out ;) :

1. Post a nice picture of yourself for your profile picture
This is crucial for any individual wishing to gain some new friends or possible customers in the future. It has been proven that individuals will actually choose to view your personal profile before even looking at your company page (if you have one), so chose an image that rocks!

2. Be careful what you post!
In as much as you would love to have the freedom to post what you would like, when you would like, and how you would like, you really need to be careful. Keep your posts friendly, positive and clean for anyone who may get a glimpse of it ;)

3. Manage your profile!
Be sure to update your personal information. Add your business information (especially if you have a business page already in place), your education and your goals and mission! Let your friends, and friends of friends know that you are serious about what you do and what you offer to your clients.

4. Edit your privacy settings!
You know that ‘privacy’ on Facebook is close to non-existent but you can still try to see how you can edit the settings to keep some details for your friends only! Be aware of who may be able to view your profile and keep the negatives out!

5. Set your ‘target’ audience! ;)

With every detail on your page and post that you make, keep your target audience in mind. You always want to guarantee that you aren’t posting for yourself…but for your fans and future customers! Run tests to discover your buyer personas and gear all your content toward appealing to these individuals & companies.

P.S. Facebook is not the only Social Media platform out there that can achieve great results. LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many others have caused tremendous change in businesses profits, and overall success. But, Facebook has definitely been the catalyst of this technological social advancement and will forever be labelled as such.






Are we really connected?

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Ah yes, the truth is revealed! The world has gone tech crazy, and I am truly saddened, interestingly enough as I am such an advocate for technology and its exciting developments. But, the truth is that this digital world has led to disconnection among people, a disconnection like no other, and we need to stop it. I am positive that you have never felt such a  “lost” feeling in the world filled with millions of people surrounding you than you do now, but have you given some thought about it? It’s difficult to say, but I will reveal it! Is technology then just an illusion? A concept created by others to improve the communication among people, increase the connectivity, but never actually live it?

I saw a video this past week on this topic, and it truly got me thinking, that people including myself don’t see the adverse impact that technology has had and continues to have on us. We have become completely isolated, shutting our doors to society, real issues and life. We have closed our eyes to the truth, the facts, and have instead created an imaginary world for ourselves online…on our mobile phones/ iPad’s/ laptops/ computers. Emotion has gone, and being productive and focused has now become the excuse that we use to justify the extensive time that is spent on something so small.

As humans, we seek comfort and admiration but instead of going out and connecting, we stay inside “protected”. Protected from the world that created us, built us to think the way we do, sought after our needs and desires so much that we ourselves don’t really know what we really want anymore… we just follow. Working together has become a thing of the past, and seeking constant solutions to problems ALONE has become the answer. How did we get here?

Our perception of life has become warped in the ideology that technology will rescue us, and make us better beings, but what we fail to realize is that technology is but an figment of your imagination. An illusion developed to keep us running down this road of mass confusion and endless worry…when will it end? Do we just sit back and allow this travesty to take place, or do we stand up and get out there and truly connect! Will you put down your phone and get involved in an activity that requires face to face interaction, without stressing the importance of being “productive”? The truth is this…

The world has truly gone mobile, and if we don’t choose a different path and know the difference between being connected and really networking, we won’t open the door. We won’t make a decision to go out there and face those obstacles head on! We will stand by and let it happen…we will see injustice and hide behind technology to maybe try and make a difference later on through intense research and productivity. We will continue to disconnect…as if the world weren’t already in a volatile state.

The key my good people in all the technological chaos is to make a difference regardless of your connectivity! Seek to solve the problems that people face in work and in their personal lives via email, cell or face to face interaction. Take your friends, family, work colleagues and clients out and really connect and build valuable, long lasting relationships so that you can become a true influence, as many of you seek to be, and you will see the difference…feel the difference…and be the difference!

Technology can only create the tools to connect, the rest will always be up to you. ;)



Why you need to keep it Visual!

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YES, my friends…visual content is where the magic happens! Did you know that visuals are processed over 60,000 times faster than text by the brain? Or that website posts inclusive of imagery or videos drive ten times more engagement than posts without it? The truth is that a company’s successful marketing depends significantly on the quality and creativity of its videos, its visual presentations (slideshare), and more so its images! So if you haven’t jumped on the visual wagon just yet, it’s about time!

Technology has taken the world by storm, and in the same way Marketing strategies and tactics have evolved exponentially over quite a short space of time. The fact is that digital marketing is now an essential segment of any company’s overall marketing strategy, and even more so Visual Digital Marketing, so to remain relevant in these times, a company NEEDS to think visually and natively. Just think about the impact that one great image can make for your brand. An image can transform simplistic thoughts into emotional drives to support and later love a company’s brand and image. Just think…

Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other social media networks have truly harnessed the essence of imagery and have seen the positive results. Pinterest has over 70 million users and has pinned boards of up to 750 million! Instagram has 200 million active users, 20 billion shared photos, 1.6 billion likes and 60 million shared photos EVERYDAY! Seriously, I think we can explicitly grasp the importance…can’t we?

Don’t be left behind in this Digital Age with traditional marketing techniques, or even initial digital marketing campaign ideas from 2010. The time is NOW and you need to transform your company into a known and loved brand within your industry to be successful, and more so to make a difference. Be aware of the changes and measure the visual engagement of your posts, test your visual campaigns, and start or continue to produce VISUAL content. Utilize imagery for your advertisements as well – Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest soon!

They key is to keep up to date with the latest digital trends! Know that with each waking moment, someone in the world is in the process of creating an even better concept or tool for you to use to advertise your company, improve your customer engagement and generate greater overall sales.

Here are some great tips to help you get started on your visual journey:

  1. Attach appropriate but creative images with each post that you make, or advertisement that you build.
  2. Have fun with it…don’t limit yourself to just one image, use two or even three!
  3. Go onto Pinterest and explore other fantastic ideas to get some inspiration for your boards.
  4. Check out Instagram and other social media networks & challenge your creativity! Be unique always & think about your customer.
  5. Produce images, slides, graphs, and other visual content for your brand to post on Facebook, in your blogs, website and so much more!
  6. Never stop searching for innovative ways to use images, slides, graphs, etc. to promote your brand!



How to build an effective LinkedIn page!

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Over the past few years, this social media powerhouse has proven to be quite exceptional… don’t you think? As of the 6th February 2014, LinkedIn was said to have 277 million users worldwide, after just a few years with its official launch in 2003. Every second there are 2 new users on LinkedIn, demonstrating the vital influence that this dynamo has had for business professionals seeking to give themselves a name on the world stage. 200 countries have felt LinkedIn’s presence…200, could you imagine!? With these statistics alone, we could say without a doubt that building the most effective LinkedIn page is what each individual should strive for…so let’s begin!

  • Upload a Professional picture for your LinkedIn profile.

Now, you may not see the significance of this depending on your personality, or even your career, but investors like putting their money in people that they believe to be professional…people that they feel they can trust. However, if your industry is of a creative nature, then perhaps creating a fun image would be more effective. Choose wisely and pick an image that suits your profession.


  • Use Keywords within your title!

Remember at each stage that you are trying to sell your skills and expertise to your customers and clients! It’s about creating and maintaining an image of yourself that is trustworthy and comfortable for customers. By utilizing keywords or phrases such as “Social Media Specialist” or “Sales Professional” within your title you will be expanding your search on LinkedIn for customers seeking to find professionals within your specified industry.

  • Utilize your summary section

Explaining your profession in detail is not an easy task for any individual, especially if you are not too fond of writing, but it is crucial for your profile! You can look through a plethora of LinkedIn profiles worldwide and see that many have not fully utilized all the resources they’ve been given by the LinkedIn group, but you should not and will NOT be one of those people. Lay out your process for clients in point form, so that it’s as unambiguous as possible. You want any individual who reads your profile to be inspired to contact you…to want to get in touch with you…to NEED to get in contact with you. Put down your contact information to allow easy access but don’t reveal your personal information unless you are COMPLETELY comfortable doing so.

  • Display your main work experience!

This section is even more imperative than your summary section! It is vital that you put down the work experience that will make a difference to your client. If you did a contract job for a couple of weeks, then maybe you can leave that detail out, but if you worked for an advertising firm for a few months and gained some top notch experience that has contributed to your development, then by all means… ADD IT to your profile! Pick and select carefully as this may determine if you gain a potential customer or not.

  • Add all your Projects, Awards and Publications!… it helps ;)

At the end of the day people want to know what you have done, and what you can do to assist them with any pain points that they may currently be experiencing and an easy way for them to know is if you have helped a company with a similar need before. Putting down all your projects and accomplishments thus far is not only inspiring for you, but also a great boost in the Trust department for potential customers…just think about it.

  • Ask for recommendations and recommend others!

Isn’t it amazing to have great colleagues? Don’t you feel outstanding when you are able to innovate and even accomplish projects that you may have been working on for years with the help of just one person? Then, don’t you believe that thanking and recommending these individuals would be worth it? Well guess what…it is! By recommending other suppliers or colleagues you may have worked with previously, you are building and encouraging an environment of camaraderie and appreciation for other people’s work and effort, which customers love to see.




What should your website mean to you?

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Websites are important. But the problem is that many people don’t understand why, and that’s why in most instances companies or individuals end up spending an absurd amount of money on building the best designed website, with no positive response. The issue is that most people aren’t looking for the why…the purpose…the passion behind the product.



Your new website is your opportunity to market and sell to clients…that’s a given. But, guess what, this should not be your sole focus, and if it is then you are never going to truly see successful results. There needs to be latent passion that goes into the pursuit, the preparation and the follow- through. A website is a digital extension of self and should be treated as such. It may not be as life-changing as inviting your first new born or tying the knot but it will definitely leave an indentation on any timeline as important as choosing the differentiating décor for your new bar, restaurant, law firm, novelty store or home office before opening your doors to the public. What colours best foster the feelings I want from visitors when they are here? What writing style do I use to grab attention? Are my images going to be edgy with some quirk like me? What is the piece of me that I leave on this canvas to undoubtedly show the world that I am ready?

See… it’s a lot more than you thought right? Always remember that you are not JUST building your company to make money, but to make a difference in your society. You want to create a brand that your customers will love and feel connected to, and then wish for others to feel as well. The great thing to always take note of is that you are a customer, and as such will KNOW what attracts you to a company and their website. You KNOW what will make you feel connected to a brand, and crave to be a greater part of it, even if it’s just by wearing their shoes to show the world that you are an essential part of this brand’s image and better yet…success! You are a member.

When you have analyzed this enough, and have grasped the essence of what it is you NEED to do for yourself and/or your company, then you are ready to build your website. You would now be equipped to make your statement in the world with your unique design, your beautiful layout and chosen template but more so, with your meaningful and life changing content. Create a company that sticks in the minds of many the second that they view it, decrease your bounce rate and improve your reach by offering an experience to your customers, and in doing so you will:

  1. Increase your availability worldwide
  2. Cover a wide demographic by focusing on the wants and needs of customers
  3. Bring a modern and unique feel to your company, and more so your BRAND
  4. Create a website that can compete on the world stage, because there are thousands just like you trying to make a difference.

Just think…and when you are ready….give Quoviz a call to help you along your path to pure greatness!




Turn your traditional Outbound Marketing into modern Inbound Marketing for 2014!

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So, the time has come to make a change. And yes I know, coming out of your comfort zone just doesn’t feel that great, but guess what… you need to do it!

Previously your marketing techniques seemed so effective, didn’t they? You could do up a really innovative piece on your product and create a million print ads, print newsletters to your clients and even create banners to promote your product. But, times started to change as the years progressed and you knew that the marketing strategy you once utilized needed to be altered to adjust to the change in the consumer. Didn’t you? … Yes you did.

The truth is that it really was and currently is not an easy process to adapt to this conversion. But, as a marketer of today yearning and craving to be timely and effective in all aspects, meshing traditional marketing techniques with the more modern processes has actually proven to be a success for many companies! And this is how…

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5 Easy Tips for Logo Design/ Concept

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Happy New Year everyone! The beautiful year of 2013 has gone, and all that we can see before us is a bright and prosperous 2014 filled with hope, passion and success!

Now…on to the good stuff! The year has started off with a true bang here at Quoviz Consulting!!! We have been creating and launching new websites…developing and posting innovative and value-added content for our readers…AND designing spectacular logo designs/ concepts for our recently signed on clients… to just name a few! WOOHOO!

For this week, we decided to touch on number 3: Logo Design/ Concept for your company…an element which is essential for your brand, your message, your network and your success! As we all know or will learn today, there are a number of points on your business checklist that must be ticked off when starting up your own company, and luckily Logo Design/ Concept is in the top 10 of that list. ;)

Here’s what you do:

1.       Get some inspiration!

Choosing what logo to use for your company is not an easy process, and sometimes getting some great inspiration from other companies worldwide is the key! Just go online…check through the thousands of logos from competitors within your region and internationally. You can even look at the most used colour combinations, the most common in style, and DO NOT SELECT THEM to be your inspiration. As my Quoviz team says “To whatever place YOU will”, and we stress the YOU to indicate to our clients that it’s all up to you…dare to be different. ;)

2.       Choose a few options, and stay focused!

This is by far the hardest part of the process, as it is just SOOO difficult to narrow down to just a few when there are so many beautifully modern and unique designs… but you really need to. Look clearly at the designs you like, and dig deep into the message and feeling that you need to send to your clients at all turns which they will acquire by just one look at your logo.

3.       Choose two final options.

Yes, I said TWO…and only TWO. After you have done this, you will really be able to see what colour combinations you truly adore and what design you really need to have for your company’s logo.

4.       Select ONE design and let Quoviz create your own!

At this point you have decided what design sends shivers up your spine, and now you are ready to give Quoviz a call to create and design your masterpiece…and we are REVVING TO GO! Just leave it in our comfortably qualified hands, and it shall be done.

5.       View the creation and LOVE IT!

Now, tooting of one’s horn may be a bit cocky but we just LOVE to do it because we KNOW that you won’t just like the logo we create…you will ADORE it! *toot toot* Take your time and carefully view each aspect of the logo, ensuring that we fulfilled all of your requirements in detail, and then show it to the world!

Exciting stuff right? When you or your company are ready for a new and ingenious look for the New Year…you know who to call ;) For more updates and to keep in touch, check us out on www.quoviz.com or via Facebook!



Q Your Creativity

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Good day, and welcome to Quoviz!!! For all those who didn’t get a chance to catch my last blog post on Email Marketing, you can check out the Q’ed up Blog in the menu bar and get filled in with some great tips! ;)

So! In my last blog I touched on some pretty thought-provoking details to help you improve your email marketing skills, and get you on board to becoming an email marketing guru…I hope you got the opportunity to take a quick look. :)

This special week before Christmas, we decided to dive into the world of Webpage Design! We know that the season could be hectic and also stressful at times for all businesses, but it is also an awesome time for you to get a chance to take a look at the past year, and reflect. Think about these things:

  •   Did I reach my target?
  •   Were my customers/ clients happy with their products?
  •   Was my marketing strategy successful?

In this article, we’re going to touch on thought numero tres…and you know why J because even if your strategy worked to some extent, we know how to make your customer base skyrocket by just following these 4 simple BUT great tips for creating/ re-designing your website for 2014!

1. Design for Usability

Now, we understand that you have a passion for bright backgrounds with a white font colour or maybe even really dark backgrounds with a black font colour. BUT some things just should not be done, and you know it. When choosing what colours and fonts to use for your website, please ensure that it is WEB readable! Also, create a menu that is consistent throughout your website to eradicate confusion for any existing or potential client. And lastly, dark text over a white background is ten times more effective than you think. Food for thought ;)

2.  Use Clear Calls to Action

Yes, you want people to contact you. Yes, you need people to send their contact information for you. No, they should not see a MILLION calls to action on any one web page for your website, and NO, they also should not have to try and figure out what information you require from them. Be as precise as possible, at all times. Some people just do not have the time to be searching through your website for the answers they seek, and you should always think of yourself as the champion of your offering.

3. Write for the Web

No essay, it’s simple my friends:

  •  Be precise
  •  Write relevant content
  •  Use action words

See how easy? Now follow through :)

4. Ensure that your website does NOT induce seizures

Now, you may laugh and think that this point is a bit ridiculous, and in all fairness to you it may be. BUT, simple and sweet IS effective with website development. Flash pages are just not encouraged anymore, so please try to NOT use as much in your website for a real impact. It generally takes ten times longer to load than a basic page would, and it doesn’t show up on your phones or I pads, so maybe it just doesn’t make sense. Liking each colour in the colour wheel doesn’t mean that they should ALL be used on the website, maybe you could try out 4-5 colours MAX for beauty and elegance and customer improvement! And lastly… movement on a TV screen is exciting! Excess movement on a web page is distracting. Try to maintain a professional yet fun look with your website.

For any more information OR if you have any questions, please send me a quick email on elisa@quoviz.com or check us out on our Facebook page for more information.




5 Q tips for Email Success!

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We have all been there…

Down that nerve wracking road to find the perfect word combination to fill our emails and blogs. We have gone crazy on our computers and iPad’s for hours in an attempt to bring excitement and joy to our followers, our fans. We have tried and fought, but still didn’t get there at times, and those sneaky tips that we just couldn’t seem to find at our time of need, were just lost in cyberspace.

Depression you felt…of that I am certain.

We know, and more so we get it. But! You need to remember that there are 3.6 billion email accounts that you need to target AND 91% of consumers check their email daily, giving you the opportunity of a lifetime EVERYDAY to market your product/ service. So take it! Grasp it in the palms of your hands and take full advantage!!!

By following these quick tips, you will definitely be on your way to email marketing stardom!

1.       Write in a friendly format

Yes, we know that you are an exceptional writer and marketer even, BUT this does not mean that you need to write as if you were writing for the President or for the Queen. Take your time and have some fun with your style and technique. Remember that your clientele will be those just like yourself, looking for a Great deal and for you to put a smile on their face!

2.       Stick to the point!

It is soooo hard to focus on one thing when you have such a creatively unique mind, but guess what…no one is going to take the time to read a million pages when they have work and school and ten thousand other things to think about. When you feel like you are writing too much, just remember these two words….. STOP IT.

3.       Dare to be Different

Everyone on the planet has a blog, a Facebook page with pages, a journal with hundreds of articles, and so much more. Do you honestly think that YOUR article is going to make a difference if you don’t dare to be different? Open up your mind, your creativity, your zone and explore the child within…you will be shocked with the fantastic ideas you come up with!

4.       Plan…Plan…Plan

I cannot stress it enough. It is sooooo important that you organize your email with its main points in POINT FORM before you actually chose to write any final email. Ensure that your points about your product/ service/ offering are solid and clear to avoid any confusion. Remember…you want to increase your customer base using this method.

5.       Create the Perfect Subject Line

YOU KNOW how serious this is. Every marketer/ advertiser should know the 3 second rule. You need to trap your reader in exactly 3 seconds with the catchiest subject line ever….or you’ve lost. How about you forget words like “Final”, “Reminder”, “Sale”, “Complimentary”, and “Solution”. It may help :)

Now that I have bombarded you with all this information, it’s your turn to try it out! Please do, and if you need any more help, leave a note on the Facebook page for us!